So Adidas Spends on Their Presentation of The Solar Boost in Barcelona

If something stands out the Mediterranean is because of its twinning with the sun. Sunsets emanating energy, strength and stillness in equal parts. And with sunshine and some wind we received Barcelona for the presentation of the new line of running footwear and that Adidas has called Solar Boost. A direct nod to the sun, its warmth, its splendor and its strength. Virtues that bring together the 3 new lines of product that the German brand presented to media and influence’s and that come to replace 3 models that for years have given Adidas the leadership in sales in the categories of more technical product.

adidas solar boost

We say goodbye to the Adidas Energy boost that 4 years ago made its appearance in the hand of the revolutionary boost cushioning foam. His replacement will be the Adidas Solar Boost that supplements some of the shortcomings of his older sister. Better fit, more tread control, more reactivity, more space in the toe area and a pressure-free Achilles tendon. A pure roller of less than 300 grams for runners with neutral tread but looking for a slipper for almost everything.

It also bounces one of the best cushioning slippers of recent years, the Supernova welcomes the Adidas Solar glide. Differences, a slippery feel less voluminous than its predecessor, less heavy (just over 300 grams), more supportive and more dynamic than the Supernova. And with respect to the Solar Boost we find that it is an xon shoe more damping, less reactive, more comfortable, something slower and for medium and long throws. It is in an intermediate price range between the solar Boost and the solar Drive that we will see below. The new solar glides come from the hand of a specific Oara, pronavion Solar glide ST that provides greater support and control of the footprint.

The third presentation is the most economical model and therefore the first price of the Solar range. It is aimed at runners who start running but want to do it with a quality product and guarantees. With a slipper that loses some of the technologies of his sisters Solar and that comes to replace the range response. As main features, Boost midsole, Continental Sole, sensations of comfort for those runneantes who want to run at quiet rhythms in short or medium runs. The solar Drive are also accompanied by its corresponding pronation model, Adidas Solar Boost drive ST.

More than 700 people for a height presentation

The Olympic Stadium Lluis Companys was the scene chosen by Adidas for a gallons and budget event in which not a single detail was missed. Product presentations to the press and influencers of the Adidas team and athletes such as Carles Castillejo or Chema Martínez. We could also see how the upper of the Solar line is elaborated that as curiosity their machines have the capacity to join the fibers and threads that compose the upper in only 20 seconds. This technology has been called TFP (Tailored Fibre Placement), something that had only been used in the aerospace industry and allows you to customize the fit of the shoe more efficiently.

After the most technical session, it was time to take action and prove firsthand that the whole range of technologies worked when you wore your slippers. Here Adidas also spared in details, complete kit made up of Climacool T-shirt, Solar Boost slippers, shorts, socks, towel, flip flops and even shower gel. Chema Martinez as a popular more we meet the different journalists in influencers present to go for a run around the stadium. To tell you the truth, only 8 braves encourage us to follow the athlete who showed us why he has earned his fame as a close and sympathetic uncle.

And after 8 kilometres of filming where we could corroborate that these Solar Boost adjust better and are wider in the area of the toes, would begin the big party that Adidas had prepared for more than 700 runners.

Getting 700 people warmed up in an orderly fashion in the space of a football field was the merit of team Adidas runners Barcelona. Then divided into different groups, a combination of running around the stadium, hibchable ball exercises or yoga delighted the attendants. The end of the party was high with a show of image and sound projected on the area of the Olympic Censer, to finish dinner and having a drink on a terrace of the stadium with breathtaking views of a Barcelona that had already fired the sun.

In short, Adidas takes a breast with a gallon event and promising surprises for the next year where we will surely see new technologies.

It is easy to think that with resources is simpler that things work, but what has become clear is that with those resources Adidas is betting clearly for running, incorporating technologies and betting on Spain for launches worldwide like that We have been able to live in the presentation of Solar.

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